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Hôtel *** insolite à Rennes

Hôtel *** Le Magic Hall

Magic Hall : A hotel with a difference

A hotel for everyone, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure!

The Magic Hall is a new, quirky hotel located in Rennes town centre.  This unusual establishment in the heart of the capital of Brittany, is situated in a quiet residential area lined with trees, a stone's throw from the historic centre of Rennes.  It is a spectacular luxury hotel offering a totally different experience and the result of a reflection on the modern traveller's expectations where every detail counts, including the price!


A welcoming, creative establishment 

The Magic Hall offers all the services you would expect of a luxury hotel combined with the welcoming atmopshere you would find in a new generation inn.


A decidedly musical and artistic hotel in Rennes 

Rooms in an auditorium which can be reached through the lounge and kitchen... each area has been creatively staged, brought to life through art and  performances: music, dance, cinema, theatre.  It is a lively place where there is a surprise awaiting you around every corner... in the corridor, in the library or in the experience boxes... 


A European metropole in the 21st century in Rennes town centre

The Magic Hall is nestled in a peaceful area of Rennes in a bucolic setting.  It is located a 3 minute walk from Place Sainte Anne and from the future convention centre, near the famous market at Places des Lices and close to the shops and restaurants.



Spectacular place

A far cry from the standardised, clinical establishments you may be used to, Magic Hall offers you a complete change.  You are plunged into the world of showbiz through original, individually styled rooms.  It also offers sound and visual effects and is a great place to work, to relax or to explore Rennes and Brittany for a weekend, week or longer...




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